[CFP] GENDER FEST. A conference by GRaSe and COSMOS at the EUI

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A conference by GRaSe and COSMOS at the EUI.

22nd of October 2014

European University Institute



Since the 1970’s, feminist research has struggled to make its way into mainstream academia by showing the relevance of gender as a crucial category of analysis. Today, concerns about how gender shapes politics and society – understood in a very broad sense – are now addressed in a variety of disciplines, becoming mainstream. And yet, many feel that, due to the crisis and consequent shrinking of academic opportunities, gendered approaches risk to be dismissed once again.

With this in mind, GRaSe and COSMOS would like to invite scholars who are (or have been) based at the EUI to exchange their views on the relevance of gender for their own research. The aim is indeed to consolidate the importance of gender in academia and build a broad platform for future discussions which includes EUI professors, fellows and researchers as well as the network of alumni and alumnae.

The program will consist of one morning and one afternoon session. The conference will open with a keynote lecture from Professor Donatella Della Porta. A second keynote lecture from Professor Ruth Rubio will take place at the afternoon session. These lectures will be followed by thematic panels with short presentations by (current and past) EUI scholars and discussion. People from outside the EUI are warmly invited to join all sessions and take part in the discussion.

This interdisciplinary conference is open to all research that illustrates how gendered notions are constructed and how they impact on political life in various ways (e.g. institutions, political participation, social movements, public opinion, etc.). We thus welcome scholars from all the disciplines represented at the Institute. We are also interested in presentations dealing with the methodological challenges posed by a gendered approach in the study of difference and inequalities, especially from intersectional and queer perspectives. Legal norms and cultural values related to gender will also be important topics for discussion.

All (current and past) EUI scholars that wish to present their work in the panels are invited to submit an abstract by the 30th of June 2014. Please consider that, in order to keep the discussion as lively as possible, presentations will have to be within 10-15 minutes.

Abstracts (max 150 words) and a short bio-note should be sent to [email protected].