Harassment prevention at the EUI

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Dear Readers,

Following our survey on the impact of gender at the Institute, we have taken steps in concert with the academic services to improve the situation at the EUI. Many of you have shown interest and asked to be kept updated. Please find below a short summary of our last meeting with President Weiler and Veerle Deckmyn (Head of Academic Services). We would like to thank them both for their cooperation, and we are looking forward to continue working with them on issues concerning gender, but also race, sexuality and national stereotyping.  The following measures are to be expected from next September on :

Updating existing policies:

The EUI policy on Harassment prevention and education has been updated with new contact information, indicating the members of the harassment committee/panel to be contact points for information or consultation re potential cases.

Link: http://www.eui.eu/Documents/ServicesAdmin/DeanOfStudies/IUE198402-CA179-Rev4Harassment.pdf

Clarifying procedures and Improving mechanisms:

Harassment Committee:

  • The Committee membership will include two administrative staff members and two replacements nominated in addition to its current composition. Veerle Deckmyn will propose some names.
  • Members of the Harassment Committee will be duly informed on their mandate, be briefed on existing rules and procedures, be given relevant documentation, and be trained. Special attention will be paid to declaring a conflict of interest and abstaining from a relevant procedure should such a case arise.
  • The mandate of the members of the Committee is for two years, renewable once. The Res Rep members on the committee continues her/his mandate beyond the one-year rep mandate.
  • A link to the Harassment policy has been added to the website of the Harassment Committee: Link:  http://www.eui.eu/About/Organization/Committees/HarassmentCommittee.aspx

Harassment Officer:

It was suggested that a staff member should be thoughtfully selected and professionally trained to act as a Harassment officer. This person will act as a contact point for EUI community members.

 Raising awareness

  • Information about EUI harassment policy, procedures and contact points will be disseminated to all EUI community members (staff, researchers, fellows, professors, visitors and individuals hired by outsourced services). The flyer is under production by the Communication Service and will be distributed by Academic Service, Welcome Unit and Personnel Service.
  • Create a webpage bringing together all relevant information on the EUI policy  and Committee on harassment and contacts.
  • Inform newcomers on the EUI policy on harassment prevention and education in the September programme.
  • An annual seminar on issues related to harassment will be organised in collaboration with the academic community.

General Recommendation

The Real Estate and facilities Service will be asked to look into improve lighting where possible on EUI premises so as to increase the general sense of security.