Open Letter for More Gender Balance in SPS Faculty

Researchers of the Department for Political and Social Science (SPS) at the EUI criticize the gender imbalance at their department. In an open letter to the President of the EUI, the head of the SPS department and the members of the SPS facult, they write “Currently the SPS department has 1 female professor and 12 […]

And Now? Italian Feminist Groups of Today

This blog-post is based on a talk by Barbara Romagnoli in June 2014 at the EUI, following an invitation by the GRaSe Working Group. In her book “Irriverenti e libere. Femminismi nel nuovo millennio”, freelance journalist, beekeeper and gender studies researcher Barbara Romagnoli tells the story of different Italian feminist groups and/or individual women from […]

A very special vulnerability: Migrant domestic workers in Cyprus

Demand for domestic workers (i.e. workers engaged in care and general housekeeping activities) is on the rise in Europe. The demand is due to the interplay of various factors such as the ageing of the population, women’s participation in the labour market, inadequate public provision of care, as well as the unequal division of care […]

Harassment prevention at the EUI

Dear Readers, Following our survey on the impact of gender at the Institute, we have taken steps in concert with the academic services to improve the situation at the EUI. Many of you have shown interest and asked to be kept updated. Please find below a short summary of our last meeting with President Weiler […]

[Video] Paid domestic work: contemporary forms and past legacies

Video registration of the seminar “Paid domestic work: contemporary forms and past legacies,” organised by the Gender, Race & Sexuality Working Group at the European University Institute on 16 April 2014. Video and editing: Elena Borghi. Speakers: Swapna Banerjee, Vera Pavlou and Raffaella Sarti.