Heritage of the European Science Foundation (ESF)

The exhibition was prepared on the occasion of the “Heritage of the European Science Foundation” seminar held at the Historical Archives of the European Union. The seminar was organised by the European Science Foundation, the HAEU and the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ESF on 11-12 April 2016. The documents and photos on display, such as the letter by the convener R. St. J. Walker of the Preparatory Group, demonstrate the variety of ESF fonds deposited at the vaults of the HAEU.

European Science Foundation Headquarters in Strasbourg (HAEU, ESF 109)
Letter by Pierre Pflimlin, mayor of Strasbourg, on the establishment of ESF headquarters in Strasbourg, 1 February 1974 (HAEU, ESF 100) and brochure on the proposed seat of the ESF in Strasbourg [1974] (HAEU, ESF 101)
Minutes of the Founding Committee of the ESF, Paris 6 July 1974 (HAEU, ESF 26) and seating plan of the Preparatory Conference, Gif-sur-Yvette 24-25 September 1973 (HAEU, ESF 17)
Handwritten minutes by the Secretary of the ESF, Monique Flasaquier, and registration form, both for the Preparatory Conference, Gif-sur-Yvette 24-25 September 1973, (HAEU, ESF 102)
Letter by the convener of the Preparatory Group, R. St. J. Walker, 21 May 1973 (HAEU, ESF 102)
Participants at the Preparatory Conference, Stockholm 2-3 May 1974 (HAEU, ESF 16)
Two brochures: The ESF and Social Sciences and ESF European Science Foundation - Report 1975 (HAEU, ESF publications)
Announcement of the User’s Meeting on Synchrotron Radiation Research SR-80, Novosibirsk 8-10 October 1980, Activité Byzantine – Rapports des Missions effectuées en 1980, and  Meeting of the Executive Council: Preservation of Mediaeval Stained Glass, 19 April 1977 (HAEU, ESF 15, 30, 32)