Financial History of Europe

On the 28 and 29 January 2016 the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) hosted the workshop “Financial History of Europe”, eabh Oral History Project and the conversation “Eurovision? The Initial Period of Europe’s Monetary Union”. During these events, jointly organised by the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre and eabh (the European Association for Banking and Financial History), the HAEU displayed an exhibition on several oral history projects developed by the Archives and holdings on European banking history belonging to the eabh fonds deposited at the HAEU.

Annual Conference “Popular Banking and the Financial System” held from 29-31052003 in Bratislava (EABH 87)
Contract of Deposit of European Association for Banking and Financial History’s Archives at the Historical Archives of EU signed on 22 of April 2014
Colloquium “East Meets West: Banking, Commerce and Investments” organised by the EABH, the Ottoman Bank Historical Research Center and the Turkish Economic and Social History Foundation held on 15-16/10/1999 in Istanbul (EABH 152)
Constitutive Meeting of the European Association for Banking History held on 29 of November 1990 in Deutsche Bank Building in Frankfurt (EABH 75 and EABH 153)
Speech by Chairman of Deutsche Bank Board Wilfried Guth (EABH 75)
Equatorial Launching Base in French Guiana. Oral History of Europe in Space (ELDODOC-22)
Authorization form of the Interview to Etienne Davignon (INT614)
Transcript of the interview to Etienne Davignon under the European Commission 1976-1983 Memories of an Institution (INT614)