In Memoriam of Manuel Marín: Important moments in European Higher Education

In honour of Manual Marín, the so-called father of the European Union’s Erasmus programme and long term member of the European Commission, who recently passed away, we have organized an exhibition about  higher education in Europe with a particular focus on the European University Institute and the Erasmus programme. The display includes the medal Antonio Casesse received when he was granted Doctorates honoris causa by Paris X University, as well as various promotional materials from the early days of the Erasmus programme.

The first edition of the 1998 Erasmus Newsletter (HAEU, PSP 330).
Information leaflet on the Erasmus programme (HAEU, PSP 330).
Picture of the President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, in Florence October 2002 (HAEU, EUI 313)
Group photo of the  EUI Alumni General Assembly at Badia Fiesolana in Florence on October 3rd 2003 (HAEU, EUI 314)
Article on Erasmus, ‘De Volkskrant’ from October 15th 1986 (HAEU, CPPE 932)
Medal of Antonio Casesse, Docteur Honoris Causa, Univeristé Paris X, Nanterre from June 15th 1999 (HAEU, ACA 39)
Article from ‘The Independent’ from October 9th 1986 concerning British education (HAEU, CPPE 932)
Minutes of UACES’s Committee Meeting on January 29th 1993 (HAEU,UACES 20).
An UACES newsletter from May 3rd 1969 (HAEU, UACES 50).
Memorandum from the Sussex European Research Centre concerning an international research study on European industry from November 1983 (HAEU, UACES 49).