Argyri Panezi

Law: The Dark Side of Big Data?

Thursday 10 April 2014 14-16 pm, Seminar Room 3 EUI – Badia Fiesolana CMPF Academic Seminar: Law: The Dark Side of Big Data? by Prof.  Peggy Valcke What do Google Flu Trends, Walmart, Netflix and Obama have in common? Big data! This seminar intends to explore legal conflicts that may arise from the increasingly widespread use of big data […]

Fundamental Rights and Information Technologies

The Fundamental Rights in Europe Working Group will be holding a very interesting event this Tuesday, February 25: Maja Brkan, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Maastricht University, will be speaking on the following topic: ‘Fundamental Rights and Information Technologies’ Case C-131/12, Google Spain and Google Opinion of AG Jääskinen. Tuesday 25th February, at 5 p.m. Seminar […]

Seminar: Political and legal consequences of the Internet (2014)

The seminar Political and legal consequences of the Internet at EUI commences this Monday, January 13. Taught by professors Giovanni Sartor (Law) and Alexander Trechsel (SPS), the seminar will address the recent developments of the Internet, both from a legal and political perspective. The course considers how, in the regulation and use of the Internet, politics and law interact, influencing […]

Away From Keyboard: some thoughts after yesterday’s screening

We watched Away From Keyboard, the Pirate Bay documentary, yesterday in Sala Emeroteca in the Badia. The documentary was about the trial of the Pirate Bay co-founders in Sweden, showing the story from their point of view. What I think the film really succeeded in showing was the genuine gap between two worlds; contemporary policy […]