Maria José SCHMIDT-KESSE, 2nd year Law researcher

Julia RONE, 2nd year SPS researcher

Przemyslaw PALKA is a 2nd year Ph.D. researcher at the Department of Law, exploring the phenomenon of VIRTUAL PROPERTY (ranging from BitCoin to magic swords) through the lenses of private law, under the supervision of prof. Giovanni Sartor. His research interests are wide and deep, but could by summarized in the notions of CYBERLAW (data protection, IP, “is-code-law?”, on-line services), THEORY OF PRIVATE LAW and LEGAL PHILOSOPHY (ontology of law and its subjects and objects, epistemology of law). Great fan of prosciutto, Lego, dragons, Smurfs and fiction.


Helping from USA:

Argyri PANEZI is a Ph.D. researcher at the EUI Department of Law, where she is writing her thesis on the Law and Economics of Books’ Digitisation. Argyri examines the policy implications for the role of the public and the private sector in digitisation initiatives as well as the viability of business models for the creation of digital libraries.

François DELERUE, 3rd year Law researcher