InfoSoc – Cyberlaw Reading Group KickOff!

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Dear all,
we are happy to announce that this academic year we’re starting a reading group, oriented towards problems and themes regarding Information Society, Cyberlaw and Innovation.

The first meeting will take place this Thursday, Oct 23rd, at 11.00, sala Belvedere, Villa Schifanoia. It will be a substantive meeting, but we also want to discuss the shape of the group for this semester (what would you like to read, how often to meet, etc.).

Even though the field is relatively new, just like the Information Society itself, there are already quite a few texts that could be marked seminal. That is why we would like to begin with the Easterbrook-Lessig debate, over the question whether we could or should speak about or do cyberlaw.

We would like to discuss:
“Cyberlaw and the Law of the Horse”, by Frank H. Easterbrook

and “The Law of the Horse: What Cyberlaw Might Teach Us” by Lawrence Lessig

Those texts are good to start with, cause they were written at the dawn of InfoSoc (1996&1999) + they’re not that long 😉

Everyone is invited, not only researchers dealing explicitly with InfoSoc – remember that new technologies influence everything, including your subject as well!

Hope to see you on Thursday!