Events 2006-2012

Events Schedule 2011 / 2012


14 February 2012

Regulation of Data Protection: Brief history of disagreements and new world of data geopolitics by Monika Zalnieriute

09 December 2011

The digital war of the XXI century: Internet vs. Privacy. European and National perspectives by Eduard Blasi Casagran, Member of the Legal Service in the Catalan Data Protection Authority (APDCAT).

10 March 2010

Socio-Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing by Primavera De Filippi, Researcher, European University Institute

08-09 March 2010

Government and the Internet: Participation and Control Workshop organised by SPS, LAW and INFOSOC. Speakers include Dr. Ivar Thallo (eGovernance Academy Tallinn) and Dr. Guido Scorza (La Sapienza, Rome). Event ProgramWorkshop presentations.

23 February 2011

Trains, Planes and Battleships: Accountability and Liability in Autonomous Technologies by Dr. Giuseppe Contissa, Max-Weber Fellow, European University Institute

02 Februrary 2011

Ambient intelligence and the right to privacy. the challenge of detection technologies by Shara MonteleoneEuropean University Institute


Events Schedule 2010


2 December 2010:

 Deep Packet Inspection Technology & Human Rights: The impact of infromation technology diffusion on human rights.

30 November 2010:

Workshop at the Italian Internet Governance Forum (IGF Italia) in Rome organised by the INFOSOC Working Group

20 October 2010:

Introductory Meeting hosted by the current coordinators of the Working Group Angela Daly & Ben Wagner
 2 November 2010:  Liberation Technologies, Digital Resistance and Human RightsGuest Lecture by Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi, Professor of Legal Informatics at the University of Milan in Collaboration with the Human Rights Working Group



Conference 28-29/10/2008

The EUI hosted the first edition of “The Future of…” – Conference on Law & Technology, organized by the INFOSOC WG with the EUI Law Department. The conference aims to be an original and ground-breaking symposium, attracting quality papers dealing with prospective studies and analyzes of legal developments and transformations expected in the future. Taking into account the present technological trends affecting society, the conference challenges scholars to think about and to forecast the main problems and changes that Law will face and suffer in the future of ambient technologies, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, web 3.0, mixed realities (convergence between virtual and physical domains), autonomous software agents, artificial intelligence and many other features and elements.

Meetings 2008

  • 06/03/2008: “EU Digital Copyright Law and the End-User” Guest speaker: Giuseppe Mazziotti
  • 07/02/2008: Special Guest Lecture by Professor John Zeleznikow (School of Information Systems, Victoria University, Melbourne,Victoria, AUSTRALIA): Integrating interests and justice when developing legal negotiation support systems
  • 04/02/2008: Guest Lecture by Prof. Sheldon Halpern (Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University), ‘Setting Boundaries at the Interface of Trademark and Property Rights’.
  • 21/01/2008: Guest Lecture by Mr Guido Braccini (European Patent Office, the Hague) An Introduction to the European Patent Office and the European Patent Convention, Chaired by Valentina Vadi, Law.

Meetings 2007

  • 8/10/2007, Welcome Meeting and Schedule Planning
  • 24/10/2007, The personal data protection under the European Union, Mario Cunha
  • 07/11/2007, Democracy at a click of a mouse: Measuring E-participation between MEPs and their constituents – Jordanka Tomkova
  • 21/11/2007, Copyright in the digital environment, Primavera De Filippi. Legal ontologies, Meritxell Fernández Barrera
  • 30/11/2007, Guest Lecture by Prof. Alain Strowel (Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, Brussels and University of Liège) Copyright’s Bad Name and Access Claims
  • 05/12/2007, Guest Lecture by Mario Gerosa, The Convention for the Protection of the Virtual Architectural Heritage and the need of brand news styles for the architecture of synthetic universes

Meetings 2006

  • 28/02/2006: How the Internet Works (presentation of a short animated film), Norberto Andrade. Cognitive Agents and the Law, Prof. Giovanni Sartor
  • 14/03/2006: e-Government: origin, institutional definition and legal framework, Rubén Martinez. Democracy at a click of a mouse: Measuring the participatory potential of online interactions between elected public officials and their constituents, Jordanka Tomkova
  • 21/03/2006: Intangible Heritage, Traditional Medicine and Knowledge Governance, Valentina Vadi
  • 28/03/2006: Legal Ontologies. A research framework – Meritxell Fernández. Virtual Worlds – The Next Frontier of Cyberspace – Norberto Andrade
  • 02/05/2006, Forum-seeking for Patent Litigation – Charles-Henry Massa. Acesso a la justicia y resoluciòn de conflictos mediante autoridades tradicionales em comunidad Maya-tseltal – Rosalba Gomez Gutierrez. Traditional Knowledge and Biopiracy – Amy Strecker
  • 30/05/2006: Guest Lecture by Prof Giovanni Ziccardi Interoperability, IT Pluralism and Law. Giovanni Ziccardi is Professor of Legal Informatics at the School of Law, University of Milan.