The Governance of the Information Society and the Regulation of the Internet

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Academy of Global Governance

11-13 December

Scientific Coordinator: Eric Brousseau (EUI and Université Paris Dauphine)

Digital technologies have prompted the emergence of new modes of regulation and governance, since they allow for more decentralized processes of elaboration and implementation of norms. Moreover, together with the Internet affect many domains, such as individual rights, public liberties, property rights, economic competition, market regulation, conflict management, security and the sovereignty of states. This workshop will bring together an international team of scholars to discuss how technical, political, economic and social norms are articulated, as well as to understand who the main actors of this process of transformation are, how they interact, and how these changes may influence international rulings.

The Executive Training Seminar will be combined with the organization of high-level scientific conference to which the participants to the seminar will be invited.



Deadline: 23 November 2012



Eric Brousseau | Paris-Dauphine University and European University Institute: Digital Technologies and Governance

Nicolas Curien | Conservatoire national des arts et métiers: The Laws of Digital Economy and Society

David K. Levine | Washington University in St. Louis: Intellectual Property, Innovation and the Governance of the Internet

Milton Mueller | Syracuse University: Global Internet Governance: Economics, Politics and Institutions

Giovanni Sartor | European University Institute and University of Bologna: Providers’ Liability for User-Generated Content

Alexander H. Trechsel | European University Institute: The Transformation of Representative Democracy through ICTs