Wrap up session and screening of ‘The Brussels Business’

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Members (or future members of the Infosoc WG!) ,  are invited to a session of the WG to wrap up the semester. We envisage that the session will last for approx. 45 minutes, during which time we would like to discuss and exchange ideas for activities and planning for the next term. We will also be giving a presentation of the blog so if anyone is interested in posting for us on infosoc related topics please come along and we will pass on the relevant information.

The session will be followed by a screening of the film ‘The Brussels Business’ by EUI alumnus Matthieu Lietaert. The film will be screened in English and the screening will commence at 6pm. You can check out the interactive platform for the film here: http://brusselsbusiness.arte.tv/en/discovery#d-5

After the film, we will discuss lobbying in general, issues of ethics, legality and authority in politics. We would also like to focus further in changes in the policy dynamics both in Brussels and in Washington, in view of established as well as emerging lobbying powers and look specifically into the IT sector; Information and Technology giants as well as other players in the lobbying game.

If you can’t make the session but have some feedback or ideas for us please get in touch via email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].