Welcome to the website of the International Trade and Investment Law Working Group. The group was established in the autumn of 2012 by four PhD Researchers of the EUI Department of Law (Jonathan Chevry, Mihalis Dekastros, Anna Marhold and Malorie Schaus), under the guidance of Professor Petros C. Mavroidis. We aim to provide a forum for all those interested in contemporary issues in international trade and investment law. We do this both by inviting experts from academia and practice and by discussing our own research. The Working Group aspires to be interdisciplinary, as international trade and investment law can be best understood when placed in its context. Therefore, aside from legal experts, we have had economists and political scientists presenting in and attending our sessions.

For an overview of our past and future sessions, please see our activity page. If you have any comments or suggestions, if you are interested in joining the Working Group, if you would like to present your research within its framework or wish to be placed on our mailing list, kindly contact us here.