Welcome to the blog of the Latin American Focus Group, the platform for interdisciplinary reflection on Latin America at the European University Institute! Through its meetings and its blog, this group promotes dialogue on current and past issues related to the region.

After two centuries of formal independence from European imperial powers, Latin America is no longer regarded as a “recipient” of ideas, but as a region generating its own objectives and developing its own path. In the last decades, it has experienced extensive economic growth, and has gone through complex and unique processes of democratisation and transitional justice, as well as regional integration. A product of intricate historical realities, Latin America is still challenged by high rates of inequality and poverty, occurrence of State’s and non-State actors’ violence, non-democratic practices, and discrimination based on gender and race.

Here, junior and senior researchers present and promote the results of their work, as well as freely express their informed opinion on Latin American issues. The blog encourages the participation of researchers from within and beyond the EUI community who wish to share their views on Latin America specifically, and within its global context.

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