Guatemala at Risk: An Assault on Democracy

Guatemala is in the midst of a struggle to preserve its democratic life. Since the presidential run-off held last August 25, the country has witnessed a blatant attempt by the ruling party, and other co-opted powers of the State, to undermine the will of the people and reduce Guatemalan democracy to a mere procedural facade. […]

CARICOM’s Foreign Policy Standpoint on the Ukraine War, One Year into the Conflict

The Caribbean Community’s (CARICOM) foreign policy establishment ought to confront the reality that alliance politics regarding great-power competition are back with a vengeance. From the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) eastward expansion to the Kremlin’s vociferous spheres of influence-based rejection of Ukraine possibly joining the ranks of that alliance and Western concerns about the deepening contemporary alliance between Beijing and the Kremlin, this is the […]