Highway to Hell: What the Climate Crisis Means for Latin America

With the 27th Conference of the Parties in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt coming to an end, many questions arise regarding the urgency of taking concrete actions in relation to climate change and its consequences all over the world with a specific focus on Latin America and the Global South. “We are on a highway to climate […]

The Chilean Pendulum: Perspectives after Chile’s Constitutional Referendum

The triumph of the “reject” vote in the September 4 referendum on the text of Chile’s envisaged new constitution opens up another phase in the globe’s southernmost nation’s apparently endless zig-zag transition to a modern welfare state and a properly contextualized democracy. Zigzagging into the future The plebiscite of 4 September on the new constitution […]

Chile’s Constitutional Plebiscite: Res Judicata?

Despite being the southernmost country in the world with quite particular characteristics in geography, economy, history, social structure and politics, and although thus often considered as a rather self-referential construct, Chile has also long been considered a model for both developmental progress and reform attempts in the Global South and the Pacific region. Thus its […]

June is Over – The Struggle Continues

As the international LGBTQI+ Pride Month, June is without a doubt the gayest month. Pride Month started in the United States in memory of the Stonewall riots, but eventually went global. During June, major companies modify their logos to include rainbow colors, thousands of rainbow flags are displayed all across the world in public institutions, […]