Latin America 2021: The New Abnormal (09/12/2020)

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“Unprecedented” is without a doubt the most overused word of the past year, employed by observers and leaders alike to describe a series of new challenges and justify scrambling responses. But as the initial shock fades, we must take a sober assessment of what lies before us. If 2020 was a year of unprecedented problems, 2021 must be a year of unprecedented solutions.

With that in mind, the EUI-STG Latin American Focus Group invited Magalli Alloatti, Arturo Valenzuela, and Julie Wetterslev to its. inaugural panel “Latin America 2021; The New Abnormal,”. Where they spoke on the new challenges the region faces, from protecting disenfranchised people from a pandemic to dealing with a new US president.

Hosts: Felipe Amoroso Manzano, Gabriel Cohen, and Roberto S. K. Breitman