Rio de Janeiro

ICON.S Annual Conference with a Latin-American Twist

The International Society of Public Law (ICON.S) is holding its annual conference in Copenhagen from 5 to 7 July in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Law and iCourts. The theme of this year is “Courts, Power, and Public Law” and, interestingly, the program promises several presentations focusing on the developments and challenges […]

The Role of the IACtHR: Jurisprudential Advances and New Responses

Leiry Cornejo Chavez (European University Institute) and Natalia Torres Zuñiga (University of Oslo), with the economic support of the Norwegian Latin-American Research Network (NorLARNet), are organizing a workshop on the role of the IACtHR in Oslo, Norway. The workshop will be held at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights on May 15th. Presenters have been […]

New publication in Pensamiento Propio

EUI Prof. Carlos Closa and Alumnus Stefano Palestini have published an article in the last issue of Pensamiento Propio: “América Latina. De la bonanza a la crisis de la globalización”. The article is titled “Defensa de la democracia o autodefensa: las organizaciones regionales y la protección de la democracia en América Latina y el Caribe“. Check […]

Dark Hours Before Sunrise? A Fragile Moment for Peace in Colombia

The FARC guerrilla and the Colombian Government have decided to give peace a chance. But a rise in killings of social activists and political leaders presents a serious risk to the implementation of their peace agreement. ‘It is always darkest just before the Day dawneth’, wrote the English historian and theologian Thomas Fuller in 1650[i]. […]