The Role of the IACtHR: Jurisprudential Advances and New Responses

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Leiry Cornejo Chavez (European University Institute) and Natalia Torres Zuñiga (University of Oslo), with the economic support of the Norwegian Latin-American Research Network (NorLARNet), are organizing a workshop on the role of the IACtHR in Oslo, Norway. The workshop will be held at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights on May 15th. Presenters have been carefully selected and we are looking forward to a very productive session. Since there are limited spaces for attendees, we asked interested individuals to contact the organizers ([email protected] and [email protected]) in order to be registered.

Workshop Program

9:00                 Welcome notes by Leiry Cornejo Chavez

First Panel: New jurisprudence of the IACtHR and its resulting new challenges
Chair: Leiry Cornejo Chavez

9:10-9:30         Jorge Contesse: “The Inter-American Court of Human Rights as supraconstitutional authority”
9:30-9:35         Comments by Ximena Soley
9:35-9:50         Discussion
9:50-10:10       Elena Abrusci: “A good fragmentation? Assessing the positive aspects of judicial fragmentation caused by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights”
10:10-10:15      Comments by Juan Pablo Perez Acevedo
10:15-10:30      Discussion
10:30-10:50     Isabela Gerbelli Garbin Ramanzini: “The IACtHR in Three Times: power elements and alternative roles”
10:50-10:55      Comments by Oswaldo Ruiz Chiriboga
10:55-11:10       Discussion
11:10-11:20       Coffee Break
11:20-11:40       Ximena Soley: “The IACtHR and Judicial Authority”
11:40-11:45       Comments by Leiry Cornejo Chavez
11:45-12:00       Discussion
12:00-12:20      Natalia Torres Zuñiga: “Normative legitimacy of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: basis for an attempt of a critical approach”
12:20-12:25      Comments by Isabela Garbin
12:25-12:40      Discussion

12:40-13:30     Lunch for presenters

Second Panel: Systemic and Institutional responses seeking to stabilize the role of the IACtHR.
Chair: Natalia Torres Zuñiga

13:30-13:50     Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga: “Identifying the Goals of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: The first step to measure its effectiveness”
13:50-13:55     Comments by Cecilia Bailliet
13:55-14:10     Discussion
14:10-14:30     Leiry Cornejo Chavez: “Collective Reparations by the IACtHR: A hint for understanding the role of the Court?
14:30-14:35     Comments by Elena Abrusci
14:35-14:50     Discussion
14:50-15:10     Juan Pablo Perez Leon Acevedo: “The Impact of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Reparation Case-law on the Practice of the International Criminal Courts Reparation System: Contributions, Limitations and Prospects”
15:10-15:15      Comments by Antal Berkes
15:15-15:30      Discussion
15:30-15:40     Coffee Break
15:40-16:00     Cecilia Bailliet: “Rejection of Requests for an Advisory Opinion as an Example of Strategic Prudence by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights- Balancing the Need to Interpret Human Rights Obligations in Relation to Nurturing Democracy while Respecting Sovereignty”
16:00-16:05     Comments by Jorge Contesse
16:05-16:20     Discussion
16:20-16:40     Antal Berkes: “New challenges for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights with respect to the concept of jurisdiction ratione loci
16:40-16:45     Comments by Natalia Torres Zuñiga
16:45-17:00     Discussion
17:00-17:10     Final notes by Natalia Torres Zuñiga