Law in Action Project Team & Members


KhadarLamin Khadar, Founder

EUI PhD researcher on public interest law funding in Europe. Litigation experience in various jurisdictions and tribunals.



CMSKubeVivian Kube, Founder

EUI PhD researcher on EU Investment Policy & Corporate Human Rights Compliance. Worked at a strategic litigation NGO on gender.



CMSDeVosDieneke de Vos, Founder

EUI PhD researcher on gender and international criminal law. Prior experience in NGOs & in filing before the ICC as amicus curiae.



KatarzynaFinckKatarzyna Wazynska-Finck, Founder

EUI PhD researcher on children’s rights and religion. Previously worked at the European Court of Human Rights.



ElenaElena Brodeala

EUI PhD researcher on gender and the separate spheres tradition in Romania’s evolving legal system


Liiri Oja

EUI PhD researcher on critique of reproductive rights litigation: how to start fresh with surrogacy?


VirginiaVirginia Passalacqua

EUI PhD Research: Constitutional Status of Third Country Nationals under the European Legal Framework.



PaulinePauline Weller

EUI PhD research: The Accommodation of Religious Beliefs and Religious Exemption from Generally Applicable Law –  A Transatlantic Comparison between Germany and the United States.


Law in Action Alumni


MarionGuerrero-Cropped-94x98Marion Guerrero, Founder

EUI PhD researcher on LGBT rights & strategic litigation. Worked on EU gender law projects, in many non-profits & as a journalist.



CecileCécile Bénoliel

EUI PhD researcher on conceptualisation of positive action through a comparison of French, British, German and EU employment law



EstherEsther Drabkin-Reiter

EUI PhD researcher on the Europeanisation of administrative law: recent developments in doctrines of legitimate expectations