The “IUC Turin Clinic Project” on Migrant Detention

Client: Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic

Project aims: This work aims at contributing to a broader project begun in 2013 by the IUC Turin Clinic on judicial review of migrants’ detention in Italy. In particular, the object of the collaboration is the drafting of two documents that can help Italian lawyers bring strategic litigation before the European Court of Human Rights challenging the compliance with the Convention by the Italian system on review of migrants’ detention orders.

Overview: The task of the LiA researchers was to work on, update and improve a sample of application drafted by the students of the IUC Turin Clinic. After having re-discussed the project with the managers of the Turin Clinic, we decided to write two separated documents, namely a legal tool-kit for lawyers on how to file an application before the ECtHR and a sample of legal argumentation on migrants’ detention. The Turin Clinic will circulate these two documents among Italian immigration lawyers and NGOs in order to make it easier for them to raise specific instances of migrant detention before the ECtHR. The IUC Turin Clinic will be at the lawyers’ disposal during the course of their application.