2014 EU tax and benefits data simulator EUROMOD now available to EUI members

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The University of Essex Institute for Social & Economic Research has updated the underlying data for the European Union EUROMOD tax-benefit microsimulator. The fileshare application for  for the European Union, developed by the University of Essex, enables researchers and policy analysts to calculate comparable pan-EU effects of taxes and benefits on household incomes for each member state and the EU as a whole. The EUI has an institutional-level contract with ISER for access to the simulation software.  Full access details are on this Library page.

EUI members wishing to access EUROMOD are required to associate with the EUI-ISER (University of Essex) contract as follows:

– Request an individual EUROMOD access registration form by writing to: [email protected]
– Complete the access registration form and return to EUROMOD as a scanned attachment
– The form is then processed by the EURODOD administrative office
– Upon approval of the request for access, the form is sent back to the EUI applicant for signature
– The applicant must sign the form, scan and send back to EUROMOD as an attachment
– The EUROMOD office then provides access to the simulator via the Filestore remote application

Contact Thomas Bourke at [email protected] for assistance.