2019 edition of EUI Library ‘Bibliography of Academia’

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The EUI Library issued the 10th edition Bibliography of Academia on 30 April 2019. There are ten sections: 1. The young scholar, 2. Scientific and research methodology, 3. Academic writing and publication, 4. Data for research in the social sciences and humanities, 5. Presenting, teaching and supervising, 6. Open science, digital and internet, 7. Science, education and society, 8. Copyright and data protection, 9. Academia in Europe and 10. University strategy and finance.

There are 68 new titles since the previous edition. The Library welcomes suggestions for new acquisitions.

  • EUI Bibliography of Academia (PDF) 10th edition, April, 2018
  • All works are available from the EUI Library
  • Full bibliographical details are in the Library Catalogue