2020 edition EUI Library ‘Bibliography of Academia’ published on 23 April 2020

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The EUI Library published the 11th edition Bibliography of Academia on 23 April 2020, World Book Day. There are ten sections: 1. The young scholar; 2. Scientific and research methodology; 3. Academic writing and publication; 4. Data for research in the social sciences and humanities; 5. Presenting, teaching and supervising; 6. Open science, digital and internet; 7. Science, education and society; 8. Copyright and data protection; 9. Academia in Europe and 10. University strategy and finance.  There are 51 new titles since the previous edition. The Library welcomes suggestions for new acquisitions. PDF

  • EUI Bibliography of Academia (PDF) 11th edition, April, 2020
  • All works are available from the EUI Library
  • Full bibliographical details are in the Library Catalogue