2nd edition of EUI Research Data Guide

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The 2nd edition of the Library Research Data Guide was issued on 20 May. The Guide – which offers advice to scholars who use and generate research data – contains new information about data management requirements in the EU Horizon 2020 research funding programme (2014-2020). Feedback from the recent EUI research data survey is also incorporated. The Guide gives an overview of data discovery, access and terms of use, technical support, data management and how to describe and preserve datasets.

The Guide focuses on digital research data outputs – primarily numerical statistical data. Most of the guidelines can also be applied to other forms of research data: qualitative, textual, visual and audio – the generation of which is anticipated to increase over time. There is a growing open data trend among international organisations, researchers and government agencies to share data outputs, codebooks and software. Sections 3 to 7 cover research data management and give guidelines on open data practices. PDF










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