Open Data and the EUI Research Data Guide

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This week’s EUI Library presentation on Open Data is now available online [PPT]. An EUI research data survey will take place in November. Here are some recent initiatives and new resources, discussed during the presentation:

The 2013 EUI Research Data Guide is available online. At the beginning of 2013, the European Commission launched a new EU Open Data portal, bringing together the data outputs of EU institutions; including Eurostat, the Committee of the Regions, EC-DG Competition, DG Enterprise & Industry and the EEA. In May 2013, CERN and OpenAIRE launched a new research data repository called Zenodo. The EUI Library has set up a beta-test community in Zenodo to better understand workflows, technical features and content requirements. New Open Economics Principles were launched in September 2013, following two international events: the University of Cambridge First Open Economics Workshop and the M.I.T. Second Open Economics Workshop. In October 2013, the European Commission published results of the Public Consultation on Open Research Data. The contributions of academics, publishers and the EUI Library, are available at this link. EUI members can sign up for weekly news by writing to Thomas Bourke at [email protected].

A new EUI Research Data Guide has been launched for scholars who are working with research data – and for those who plan to do so in the future. The Guide covers data discovery, open data, access and terms of use; content services and technical support; data management; describing datasets (metadata) and preserving datasets. The Guide was prepared using these international resources, which are valuable to understanding open data trends.