40 Years of EU Membership, Journal of Contemporary European Research

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The latest issue of the Journal of Contemporary European Research(*) includes detailed articles on 40 Years of EU Membership: The UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
As stated in its introduction,”It is 40 years since the UK formally joined the European Community on 1 January 1973. To mark the anniversary, the European Parliament Information Office in the United Kingdom commissioned a number of experts on European integration to summarise the key events leading up to and since accession. Each has prepared a chronology and an accompanying narrative. […] Helen Wallace provides an overview from the British perspective. David Phinnemore, Lee McGowan, Cathal McCall and Peter McLoughlin write about the perspective from Northern Ireland. Jo Shaw presents the Scottish experience whilst Richard Wyn Jones and Rebecca Rumbul summarise the key events relevant to Wales.
*The JCER is an open-access, online journal published by UACES in association with the Student Forum. The Journal enables PhD students and early career researchers to disseminate their work alongside established scholars.