Academic journal literature on EU law

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How to find recent and relevant literature in academic journals on EU law? There is no single database that will allow you to search across the many academic journals the EUI Library subscribes to. But there are libraries indexing journal contents such as the European Court of Justice Library and the European Commission Library. Some full-text databases the EUI subscribes to have a strong focus on European Union issues such as Kluwer Law Online, Westlaw International and Jurisquare . Finally, the JournalTOCs service allows you to subscribe to relevant journals in your field and be alerted on new issues released.

ECJLibrary   ECLAS





  • ECJ Library is higly focussed on EU law in all its aspects and languages. You will find here books, chapters in books and articles doing a simple keyword search. The results can be filtered by date, language, author, format and subject. An RSS feed can be activated to be kept up to date on specific searches.
  • ECLAS allows for searching articles, chapters, books and many other types of material on all aspects of European integration. Most recent literature will be displayed first.

Searching in these two catalogues you will not access the full-text of any article. However, most of the journals you find this way are available in the EUI Library and these two catalogues are therefore very important search tools.

Important full-text journals databases for EU lawyers:

  • Kluwer Law Online: very few journals but many of them are important EU law journals
  • Jurisquare: some important French language journals on EU law
  • Westlaw International: very large database including important UK journals on EU law. All major American law reviews are accessible here which often deal with EU issues.

If you want to compile a list of journals which are relevant for your own research JournalTOCs will allow you to have access to the latest issues of these journals and be alerted to new issues released. For further description of this important research tool see a previous blogpost.

In the autumn turn library courses will be organized dealing with the databases described