Access to Justice: thirty years later

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The recently published book Collective Actions: Enhancing Access to Justice and Reconciling Multilayer Interests? by Stefan Wrbka, Steven Van Uytsel and Mathias Siems is now available in the New Display area of the library. The book includes perspectives on collective actions in consumer law, competition law, company law, securities law and environmental law. How can these actions enhance access to justice and how to balance the interests of private actors in protecting their rights with the interests of society as a whole? Contributions are from Asian, European and North American scholars.










This important comparative study comes more than thirty years after the Florence Access-to-Justice Project carried out at the EUI in the 1970s under the leadership of Mauro Cappelletti and Brian Garth. The Introduction of Collective Actions dedicates ample space to Cappelletti’s worlwide study, mentioned as… “one of the most important studies in the field of access to justice”…. The 6 volume work, published between 1978 and 1979, can be found in the Library at shelfmark LAW Fgnp9 CAP.