African Journals Online (AJOL) covers over 400 African scholarly journals

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African Journals Online (AJOL) is the world’s largest online collection of African-published, peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Started in 1998 with about 50 English language journals, AJOL provides now free hosting for over 400 peer-reviewed journals from 30 African countries, using the internet and open source software. AJOL’s partner journals cover the full range of academic disciplines with particularly strong sections on health and agriculture.There are over 130 Open Access journals hosted on the AJOL website.



AJOL’s system consists of a bibliographic database as well as digitized full text, with a user front-end. The journals can be browsed by category  and it is possible to see the list of  open access journals  Non open access journal articles can be downloaded upon payment by credit card after having registered. It is possible to do a word or phrase search in the title or in the full text across all journals or in specific journals to find relevant articles.

AJOL is a Non Profit Organisation based in South Africa.