Agence Europe Daily Bulletin developments

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As of January 2015 the EUI Library has access to the revamped database of Agence Europe Daily Bulletin.

About Agence Europe

Agence Europe is a daily newsletter that provides online full-text access to Bulletin Quotidien Europe (French edition) and Europe Daily Bulletin (English edition) from 2000 onwards, covering the latest news and information on European political and economic integration. It also includes two supplements:

  1. European Library (weekly, mainly on Tuesdays) which includes political and economic books and reviews, on all aspects of European integration and international policies, especially that of large organisations; and
  2. Europe Documents (approx. 10 issues per year) which consists of exclusive analytical reviews and presentations of the rotating presidencies. Europe Documents may also include full reproduction of studies, conclusions and confidential or official reports, speeches, etc.

A short guide is available on how to search the new database (including the archives from 2000 onwards).

Agence Europe: Library holdings before 2000

For bulletins before 2000, and therefore not available on Agence Europe database, the EUI library users have also access to:

  • Microfiche: French (9/12/1957-29/12/1967, 02/01-24/05/1968)
  • Print: English  (1979-2014)
  • Print: French  (1968-2014)

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