Peter Kennealy

So, what’s the news?

Fake news has been much in the real news recently but what’s new about that? Fake news has been around as long as the other sort of news but what has changed are the circumstances in which it is transmitted, which have put the existence of conventional newspapers themselves under threat. The sales of news-papers […]

ICPSR webinar on the use of statistics in the social sciences – Deirdre McCloskey

 Join the ICPSR  for a Webinar on Monday, October 28, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT.   No registration required.   Visit and enter as a Guest  Description: Existence, arbitrary statistical significance, philosophical possibilities uncalibrated to the sizes of important effects in the world are useless for science. Yet in medical science, in population biology, in much of sociology, political […]

Interesting databases on trial

The Library currently has a number of databases and e-resources on trial of interest to political and social scientists.  Below are brief descriptions.  More information and links taking you to the database can be found on the Library’s Database Trial Page 1.  Oxford Handbooks Online:  is a collection of subject-based research guides containing in-depth, high-level articles […]

Editorial Vacancy: Co-Editor, European Political Science

European Political Science (EPS) is an international journal launched in 2001 by the ECPR, and published by Palgrave Macmillan since 2005. It publishes contributions by, and for, the political science community. EUI  members have full access to all issues online through the link in the Library catalogue  The ECPR is seeking an experienced political scientist […]

Keesing’s World News Archive since 1931

Keesing’s World News Archive records the world’s most significant political, social and economic events from 1931 to present, incorporating the content of Keesing’s Record of World Events (issued in print). Events covered include elections and changes of government; wars, treaties, appointments, and diplomacy; terrorism and issues of internal security; legislation, budgets, economic developments and international […]

80 million articles available on open access is a search engine developed by the French company KnowMade, specialized in the search for pdf format scientific articles. It currently provides more than 80 million open access articles”. The knowledge areas concerned are medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, materials science, humanities and social sciences. Searches cannot be saved and no alert system is provided.