OpenEdition Books, a fourth OpenEdition platform

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OpenEdition Books is the fourth OpenEdition platform after, the OA journals platform in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Calenda, the Agenda for the SocialScience and Humanities activities and Hypothèses, the scholarly blogging platform in the SSH that we discussed earlier in this blog.

OpenEdition Books distributes collections of books published in the humanities and social sciences. The platform enhances the processing -in all languages ​​and in all areas- of scholarly research in social sciences and humanities. This first inaugural version of OpenEdition Books brings together nearly 400 books from 13 French and international publishers.

  • Central European University Press,
  • Collège de France,
  • Éditions Agone,
  • Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’Homme,
  • Éditions rue d’Ulm,
  • Institut de la gestion publique et du développement économique,
  • Institut français d’études andines,
  • Open Book Publishers,
  • Presses de l’IFPO,
  • Presses universitaires de Caen,
  • Presses universitaires de Paris Ouest,
  • Presses universitaires de Provence
  • Presses universitaires de Rennes.

More than half of the catalog is freely accessible on the web (HTML), is citable, printable and can “be encapsulated” on other web sites. These Open Access books in HTML format can also be accessed as PDF or through the ePUB format.

These additional services are available through libraries and institutions subscribers thanks to the Freemium license that we already said in this blog.

The web site is available here