Economics & Data

EUI Library Bibliography of the writings of Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

The Library maintains a Bibliography of the works of Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (1940-2010) an influential figure in the history of European monetary integration. The Library also provides a Euro Information Resources Directory and a Eurozone Statistics Index. There will be an introduction to European, EU and Eurozone data on Wednesday, 26 September, at 13:30 in room 4 at the Badia Fiesolana. All are welcome.

2012 Release of ECRI Database Now Available via the Library Data Portal

The European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) database on Lending to Households in Europe was updated to 2012 on Tuesday. The database includes a new analysis of the impact of the sovereign debt crisis on European credit markets. There will be two introductions to the Statistical Data Portal in the Library training room on Thursday, 13 September. Register with [email protected] for the 14:00 session, or the repeat session at 15:00.

EUI Datastream upgraded to version 5.1

The EUI’s premier database for equity and global macroeconomic data has been upgraded to version 5.1. Datastream (Thomson Reuters) is a global financial and macroeconomic database covering equities, stock market indices, currencies, company financials and key economic indicators by country and sector. The new 5.1 manual is available here. Full details of EUI access are on this Library page. For assistance, please write to [email protected]. For more statistical resources, visit the EUI Data Portal.

New World Bank Open Data Portal

The World Bank launched the new Open Data Initiative during the International Open Government Data Conference, 10-12 July.

World Bank Open Data is explained on this EUI Library page. EUI users also have access to CD-rom versions of World Development Indicators (DJ-AA WORLD) and Global Development Finance (DJ-FD-GLOBAL).

The new portal provides access to major international economic and development statistics including: World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, Millennium Development Indicators, the Doing Business database, Education Statistics and Gender Statistics.

Amadeus Company Database now expanded to 43 European countries and 502,000 companies

The number of European countries covered by the Amadeus Company Database has been increased to 43. Europe’s 502,000 largest companies (by assets) are included. The breakout by country is in the left column of the new coverage table from Bureau van Dijk. Amadeus provides company-level financial and business data, including standardised annual accounts, financial ratios, sectoral activities and ownership. Full details are on this Library page.