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18thConnect – http://www.18thConnect.org

18thConnect (http://www.18thConnect.org) is an extraordinary digital platform for accessing scholarly contents for the 18th century and redistribute them to you without entering single databases. It works only on meta-data search. So you can search freely Early English Books Online or ECCO (Eighteenth century collections online) and many other resources (also crowdsourced resources from individual scholars or research […]

European History Primary Sources reviewed in H-europe, a blog about European Historiography

In October last, when teaching a course on alternative narratives for the history of Europe available in heritage and cultural institutions (Libraries, Archives, Museums, Galleries) and, also, in EU institution themselves, I explained goals and purposes of the EUI Library and Department of History and Civilization digital project for accessing Open Access primary sources for the History […]

Public History and the Media – International Conference at EUI – February 11-12-13, 2015

In recent decades, public enthusiasm for history and popular engagement with the past has grown dramatically. The popularity of history is manifested most visibly in the proliferation of television documentaries and historical dramas but it is also discernible in the rebirth of the historical novel, the organization of large-scale commemorations of historical anniversaries, the development of new historical museums and exhibitions, re-enactments and living history activities and the emergence of public history as a separate field of academic study.

Searching through historic newspapers from 23 European countries

This is the Press release about the European Library Portal for accessing Historic Newspaper from 23 European countries.”As part of the Europeana Newspapers project, The European Library developed a historic newspapers browser that enables users to perform full-text searches in millions of historic newspaper pages.”

2014 Release of Historical Cross National Time Series data, with new event log links

The 2014 release of the Databanks International Cross National Time Series database (1815-2013) is now available to EUI members. Due to the inclusion of new supporting materials – and media source links – the dossier structure has been updated as follows: (i) Core data, codebook and historical tabulation file of independent states (ii) User’s manual and bibliography and (iii) Source links/event log. The Cross-National Time-Series database provides worldwide historical variables on government type, conflict events, expenditure, population, territorial size, per capita GDP, trade, infrastructure, elections, legislative process, political measures and international status indicators. Full details are on this Library page.