History and Civilization

Searching through historic newspapers from 23 European countries

This is the Press release about the European Library Portal for accessing Historic Newspaper from 23 European countries.”As part of the Europeana Newspapers project, The European Library developed a historic newspapers browser that enables users to perform full-text searches in millions of historic newspaper pages.”

2014 Release of Historical Cross National Time Series data, with new event log links

The 2014 release of the Databanks International Cross National Time Series database (1815-2013) is now available to EUI members. Due to the inclusion of new supporting materials – and media source links – the dossier structure has been updated as follows: (i) Core data, codebook and historical tabulation file of independent states (ii) User’s manual and bibliography and (iii) Source links/event log. The Cross-National Time-Series database provides worldwide historical variables on government type, conflict events, expenditure, population, territorial size, per capita GDP, trade, infrastructure, elections, legislative process, political measures and international status indicators. Full details are on this Library page.

EUI Virtual Journal Display

The Virtual Journal Display is a selection of important full-text journals available at the EUI Library whose current tables of contents  can be found online in JournalTOCs with a link to the full-text. For each of the four disciplines a selection of important e-journals has been made which show the table of contents of the […]

Public history as “useful history” before voting for Europe, May 22-25, 2014

Since the Lisbon Treaty in 2007, European citizens are able to better decide the kind of Europe they would like to live in: the EU Parliament influences the choice of the President of the European Commission. The EUandI project (EUI) provides European citizens with a tool that helps them deciding which party to vote for in the EP elections (May 22-25), based on their preferences […]

First year anniversary for DP.LA, the Digital Public Library of America

On April 18th 2014, the Digital Public Library of America’s celebrated its anniversary: a first year of public access on the web. The DPLA is a platform that connects openly the online contents of many libraries, archives museums and cultural institutions around the USA into a single portal. Everybody can search this digital library and the digital bookshelf in the DPLA […]

New Online Version of ‘International Historical Statistics’ now available to EUI members

EUI members now have online access to International Historical Statistics. This is an interactive database version of Brian Mitchell’s 3-volume compendium of world statistical data. International Historical Statistics is structured in three broad geographical divisions and ten themes: Europe; Africa/Asia/Oceania; The Americas. Thematic coverage varies by year and country: Population and vital statistics; Labour force; Agriculture; Industry; External trade; Transport and communications; Finance; Commodity prices; Education and National accounts. This resource has been added to the Library Data Portal. There will be an overview of the Portal in the Library training room at 13:30 on Wednesday, 12 November.