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SPS Ph.D Thesis Published as Book

Political Institutions and Elderly Care Policy Comparative Politics of Long-Term Care in Advanced Democracies /  Takeshi Hieda  (ISBN: 9780230361782)    Palgrave Macmillan 2012 Even though most advanced industrialized countries are facing population aging, feminization of the labour market and other social transformations, public long-term care programs for theaged are remarkably diverse across them. This book maintains that […]

Science Direct articles for mobile devices

eReader Formats is an application that allows you to convert a ScienceDirect article in ePUB or Mobi, formats widely used by electronic readers and mobile devices such as Sony® Reader, Amazon KindleTM, iPhone®, iPadTM, Barnes & Noble nookTM, etc. With this app, instead of downloading and printing a PDF article or book chapter, you can […]

Open Access at the World Bank

The Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) provides free access to thousands of research outputs and knowledge products on development. The OKR is the centerpiece of the World Bank’s Open Access Policy; is inter-operable with other repositories…