Read any good books lately?

Here at the Library we love books, so what’s new – have you ever met a librarian who doesn’t read? So, we decided to dip into the world of non-academic books whilst celebrating the wonderful diverse community of the EUI. For the last couple of years we have embraced a Catalan tradition, that of Sant […]

ZoteroBib: instant bibliography in your browser

ZoteroBib is now available at http://zbib.org What is ZoteroBib ? ZoteroBib is the managing citation open access software by Zotero that works without installing the software. It is a ready to use web page for everybody willing to cite one or more a bibliographic items instantly. It is a new website that allows to create […]

EUI Library launches access to Banking Data from S&P’s SNL Financial

SNL Financial provides data on approximately 29,000 banking institutions worldwide. Ownership information; financial statements; market analysis; filings; maps of bank locations; mergers and acquisitions information; and financial sector news and alerts are provided. An Excel add-in can be used for the selection and elaboration of data variables, geographical coverage and time series. SNL Financial is published by Standard and Poors.

OMT Programme of the ECB upheld by the German Constitutional Court

The Bundesverfassungsgericht has not accepted the constitutional complaints raised against the Outright Monetary Transactions programme of the European Central Bank. In its press release of 21 June the Court rules that the OMT programme does not currently impair the Bundestag’s overall budgetary responsibility. Nor does it  present a constitutionally relevant threat to the German Bundestag’s right to decide […]

Feeds and Institutional Repositories Coming to Zotero

This article was originally posted in the Zotero blog: We’re delighted to announce that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded $440,000 to fund a two-year collaboration between Penn State and George Mason University to develop and assess new Zotero functionality for tracking, organising, and archiving scholarly publications. Key new Zotero features will include: Feeds in […]