Competition and antitrust journals in the library

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e-Competitions is the latest addition to the many journals  and e-journals on competition and antitrust law and policy available in the Library. It is a database on antitrust case law: more than 12000 case summaries  can be found from 2600 experts in 55 countries. It includes a weekly bulletin  with the latest case law published in English.
CompetitionJournals It is on the same platform as Concurrences a journal dedicated to EU and national antitrust laws. Published every 3 months, you will find over 10.000 articles in French and English by more than 1150 authors.
Password access is required which is explained on this intranetpage of instructions .


Another important journal is Competition Policy International, which just completed its tenth year. The journal presents  symposiums on crucial competition topics, with articles written by recognized experts from the academic, legal, and regulatory arenas. It is a peer-reviewed, academic journal that covers competition law, economics, and policy.

For a comprehensive idea of the Library’s holdings in this area, see the  list of paper and e-journals on competition/antitrust  accessible through the catalogue.