Thousands of Cambridge University Press eBooks now available from the EUI Library

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In addition to our existing Cambridge University Press eBook collections, we now provide access to about 20,000 eBooks. This collection includes current and new economics, social science, law, and history titles.

These eBooks have been added to the Library catalogue, but the collection can also be explored via this link, which will redirect you to the Cambridge Core platform.

Cambridge Core facetCambridge Core provides an easy navigation through its content and allows you to refine your search, for example, by narrowing ranges of publication date – last week, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months and forthcoming –  so that you can monitor the very latest updates.

Please, remember that we might already have the books that you do not find on Cambridge Core and that it’s always worth searching the Library catalogue. Also, Library staff is always glad to receive book purchase suggestions.