EUI Library issues 36th edition Bibliography of the Global Financial Crisis

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The 36th edition of the EUI Library Bibliography of the Global Financial & Economic Crisis was issued on 27 January 2017. All works are available from the Library. 24 new titles have been added since the September edition. Full publication details, with shelfmarks, are in the Catalogue. The Library also maintains a Euro Area Information Directory with bibliography. Suggestions for new works in any language are welcome. The 36th edition of the Global Financial & Economic Crisis Bibliography is sectioned as follows:

1. Origins
2. Empirical and narrative works
3. Finance and Banking
4. Risk, derivatives and hedge funds
5. Regulation, central banking and economic governance
6. The Crisis in Europe and the Euro Area
7. Labour Market and Socio-Economic Aspects
8. Ethical Aspects
9. New Comparative and Historical Literature (since January 2008)
10. Prospective and normative works – implications and aftermath
11. Research and methodological implications.

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