EUI Library launches access to Statista GmbH international data portal on 1 January 2018

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Statista is an online portal providing data on the global digital economy, industrial sectors, consumer markets, public opinion, media, demography and macroeconomic trends. EUI members have access from 1 January 2018. Quantitative data from 425 sectors in 50 countries are provided with a range of infographic tools for analysis and visualisation. Data can be located via the Statista search engine, or the top menu tabs. Results can be filtered by left-menu facets, including country/region, industrial category and publication date. Result sets can also be sorted by category: statistics, forecasts, studies, industry reports or infographics. Statista also produces industry reports, market forecasts and ‘toplists’ of sectoral statistics.

Data is from multiple international sources, including: ACTA, AWA, Euromonitor, Gfk, Outfit, Scarborough, Simmons, Target Group Index and VUMA.

Downloading data

Data can be downloaded in Excel, PNG, PDF and PPT formats. Users can export citations, and related parameter metadata, for each dataset.

Visualisation tools

Datasets can be displayed as bar charts, line graphs or in tabular format. Metadata labels can be customised.

Forecasts, topic dossiers and toplists

In addition to quantitative data, Statista provides in-house digital market forecasts, consumer market forecasts and industry reports. Digital Market Outlook and Consumer Market Outlook analyse sectoral trends in the digital economy and consumer markets, covering revenue and country-specific developments.

Industry Reports provide overviews of developments in major industries (eg. manufacturing, construction, utilities, retail, transportation &c.).

Dossiers prepared by Statista GmbH provide compilations of data and forecasts dedicated to specific topics (eg. e-commerce, airline sector &c.).

Toplists rank the first 100 private and listed companies, by sector. Variables include: revenue, number of employees, annual net profit/loss information and 3-year market capitalisation. (For longer time series EUI members should use the Library’s Thomson Reuters Datastream database.)

Support links

> Online tutorials are available at this link
> The Statista (PDF) brochure is at this link

Languages of interface

The Statista GmbH interface is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

The short video below provides an introduction. Please write to Thomas Bourke for assistance.