EUI Library launches trial access to upgraded IMF eLibrary. Feedback welcome.

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During the month of October, EUI members have an opportunity to test the newly upgraded IMF eLibrary. Please register when the platform homepage opens. It is important that the Library receive feedback on this online resource, because IMF data are currently provided via networked CD-roms at the EUI. Feedback will assist staff in evaluating the online version with a view to acquiring access. The IMF eLibrary provides online access to all major IMF data series; Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS); Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS), Government Finance Statistics (GFS), International Finance Statistics (IFS) and the full collection of IMF eBooks, country reports and occasional papers. Please send feedback to: [email protected].

‘My Data’ downloads: Users of IMF eLibrary data must first sign-in in order to be able to use the download option. Please go to the ‘My Data’ section and sign-in. It is then possible to check the status and/or retrieve downloaded data by clicking on the green ‘More’ button under ‘My Data’ and selecting ‘Downloads’ on the left side. Please note that an email notification is also sent when downloaded data are ready.

Information on individual series metadata in the IMF eLibrary can be accessed as follows:

– When the homepage opens, go to ‘Query across Datasets’ and click on ‘Data Source.’
– A list of data sources will be displayed.
– Click on the red ‘ i ‘ next to a data source to get information about the source.
– After  a data source  is selected, users can then select ‘Concept,” ‘Country,” and ‘Time Period.
– Then click ‘View Data’ to retrieve the data. There will be a red triangle in the Data Source column. Click this for metadata information.

Note regarding Government Finance Statistics in the IMF eLibrary: GFS data are based on the Government Finance Statistics Manual 2001 methodology (GFSM2001). With the adaptation of GFSM2001, data begins in 1990, except for major aggregates (eg. revenue, expense, &c.) that begin circa 1970. With the move to GFSM2001, the IMF eLibrary no longer carries GFSM1986 data in the GFS database. Note that the historical 1972-1989 CD-rom version (EUI members see below) are based on the Government Finance Statistics Manual 1986 (GFSM1986).

To access IMF text publications, click the eLibrary top tab on the homepage (not the ‘Bookstore’ tab).

The EUI Library Data Portal gives access to 75 major international statistical data resources.

For assistance, and feedback on the IMF eLibrary trial, write to Thomas Bourke at [email protected].