EUI Library Statistical Yearbook 2021

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Researcher walking in the Library hallway

The European University Institute (EUI) Library is pleased to report that the publication of the EUI Library Statistical Yearbook 2021, including results from the Library User Satisfaction Survey, and the EUI Library Performance Indicators 2009-2021 is now available online.

Statistical analysis has been a long-standing activity at the EUI Library. This analysis supports planning, decision making and the evaluation of trends; as well as promoting transparency, and measurement of the quality of services offered.

The Library Statistical Yearbook 2021 includes an introduction from EUI Library Director, Pep Torn.  Pep notes “The report sheds light on the Library’s resource management strategies, adapting to the digital age while balancing print and electronic formats. It signifies not just the evolution of resources but also the foresight to anticipate and meet the dynamic needs of users in the emerging fields of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Despite pandemic challenges, the Library’s commitment to serve remains steadfast. The report illustrates the team’s adaptability, from digitisation efforts to facilitating long-term book loans, emphasising resilience in the face of uncertainty’’.

The Library Statistical Yearbook 2021 includes information on the composition of Library staff and users; resources and evolution of the collection; services; Open Science and Cadmus, the EUI Research Repository including EUI Academic Publications and Data; and spaces.

The information we collect helps provide insight regarding collections and services and possible future trends.

Download the reports here: