EUI Open Access theses 2015

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At the time of the writing 420 EUI PhD theses are available in Open Access out of a total of 2622 theses (PhD and LLM) ever awarded at the EUI, corresponding to 16 %.

The Library project ‘Recovering the past’ digitises EUI print theses for archival and preservation reasons. Part of the aim is of course to make the digitised theses available online, preferably in Open Access.

To make a digitised thesis available online the EUI needs the permission from the author.  Alumni are encouraged and invited to make their EUI thesis available in Open Access. Those interested in OA publication of the thesis should read the instructions on how to make the thesis available online.

32 % (39 of 121) of EUI graduates in 2015 opted for Open Access publication of their thesis.

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Embargoed Theses

136 theses are stored with a four year embargo counting from the defence date. The first embargoed theses will be freed in 2018.

According to Art. 14 of the EUI Convention and section 9.13 of the Academic Rules and Regulations an EUI thesis must be published.

As of September 2014, the EUI adopted the following rule concerning theses:  any thesis defended since that date must be published (on paper or electronically) within four years.  Failing that, the EUI acquires the right to make the entire thesis available on Cadmus. Since September 2014, Cadmus therefore stores theses PDF files embargoed until four years after the defence date. To see recent EUI theses available on Cadmus, try the link to all recent EUI theses.

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Image 2: Full view of Cadmus record

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