EUI-UniFi Libraries Collaboration Agreement

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Within the framework of the European University Institute – UniFi, University of Florence’s partnership renewed in November 2023, a collaboration agreement was finalised and signed in June 2024 by the EUI Library Director Pep Torn and by UniFi Dirigente dell’Area Valorizzazione del Patrimonio, Vincenzo De Marco. The EUI-UniFi Libraries Collaboration Agreement 2024 (in Italian) aims to standardise reciprocal access conditions for users of the EUI and UniFi libraries, as outlined in articles 3, 4, and 5.

Under this agreement, EUI students, faculty, researchers and staff are granted access to all UniFi library facilities upon proper identification and registration in their library management system. This registration is valid for one calendar year and can be renewed upon verification of the user’s valid EUI ID card. For UniFi libraries with entrance gates, the first entry is facilitated through the reception desks. EUI members accessing UniFi libraries are allowed to borrow up to 20 items for a maximum duration of three months, depending on the type of material and lending conditions. In addition, they can access electronic resources from any of the available public workstations within the UniFi library facilities.

UniFi students, faculty, researchers and staff accessing the EUI Library must complete an online request form at least three business days prior to their visit, after which they will receive confirmation and WiFi credentials. Upon arrival at the EUI, they present their confirmation email and a valid ID to the Control Room staff located at the entrance of the Badia, to receive an EUI access badge. UniFi users accessing the EUI Library as external users cannot borrow EUI books (they have to use UniFi ILL services), but the lending conditions are currently being investigated by the EUI Library, with potential activation in the near future of limited borrowing rights. UniFi users have access to licensed electronic resources when in the Library.

Library users of the respective universities (students, faculty, and staff) must strictly comply with the Library rules for using all resources, print and electronic, in accordance with copyright laws and license agreements.