EUR-Lex survey on national implementing measures (NIM)

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EUR-Lex launched a survey  to better understand the needs of users consulting National Implementing Msurveyeasures (NIM).
National Implementing Measures (NIM) are texts officially adopted by the authorities in a Member State to incorporate the provisions in a directive into national law.

How to find measures taken by member states to incorporate an EU directive into national law:

  • find the directive in question
  • note down its CELEX number ( example: 31960L0201)
  • replace the 1 st digit with the number 7 (31960L0201 becomes 71960L0201)
  • search with this new CELEX number using the advanced search form or quick search by adding an asterisk at the end (71960L0201*) (© EUR-Lex, 2014)

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