Europe Daily Bulletin (English version, 1979-1999) now available online

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The EUI Library is pleased to announce the end of the first part of the digitisation project of Agence Europe Daily Bulletin, 1979-1999, in English. The second part of the digitisation of Europe Bulletin Quotidien in French covering the years 1953-1999 will be available in 2019.

In July 2018, Agence Europe and the European University Institute, EUI, signed an agreement to digitise Europe Daily Bulletin published between 1953 and 1999, which, up to today, existed only in print. The Daily Bulletin is a core primary source for EUI researchers in SPS, Law and History (of EU integration) as it covers a wide range of social, economic, legal and political issues pertaining to the history of the European Union and of its Member States.  The digitisation includes OCR in order to make it easier for researchers to perform textual searches inside the newspaper.  

Of notice, are also two special Supplements on European Elections covering the political campaigns in Member States that led to the European Parliament elections of 1979 and 1984.

Access: The digital files (pdfs) are hosted on the platform of the Historical Archives of the EU and are accessible via Login/Registration.  EUI users simply login with their EUI credentials (email and password). External users need to register via the platform in order to have access to the pdfs.

The EUI Library also subscribes to Agence Europe’s Daily Bulletin database in English and in French covering the years 2000-on. This is available to EUI authorised users.