European Documentation Centres: 50th anniversary

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In 1963 the first European Documentation Centre  (EDC) was set up to provide university researchers with access to official documents of what was then the European Economic Community. Over 50 years the network expanded and today there are 416 centres in 28 Member States, forming part of a wider network of 500 Europe Direct centres.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, more than 100 EDC librarians, from most of the Member States met in Brussels at the beginning of December.

The EUI Library has the status of a European Documentation Centre (EDC) since 1976 with the aim to support academic study and research on European integration. The EDC collection includes:

EU Legislation

  • Treaties, regulations, directives, decisions
  • Proposals for new legislation
  • Documents generated during the legislative process
  • European Parliament debates – now only on-line
  • European Court of Justice case law

Official Journal of the European Union

  • Series L (Legislation)
  • Series C (Information and Notices)

Official Publications (Reports, Journals, etc.)

Statistics: a range of statistical information from EUROSTAT, on all aspects of EU affairs

The EUI EDC, in close collaboration with the EU Bookshop, provides access to electronically only EU publications. Check regularly the New E-Books webpage.