Eurostat launches consultation on EU household and citizen data

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The European Union’s official statistics agency, Eurostat, launched a consultation on the production method of EU statistics A Vision for the Next Decade on 23 July. The consultation – which focuses on pan-European social surveys – remains open until 15 November 2015. Eurostat informs that new data collection methodologies would emphasise “the increasing use of multiple data sources and innovative data collection methods as well as the growing importance of cross-domain integration and concepts. The Vision aims at overcoming the business model where the statistical production processes are organised in numerous parallel processes, country by country and domain by domain.” The consultation questionnaire is at this link. The EUI Directory of EU, Eurozone and European Statistical Data is on this Library page.

Eurostat provides this summary of the challenges regarding the collection of better household and citizen data in the European Union:
• new data needs and expectations from the users,
• innovation in methodology and information technologies (IT),
• availability of new data sources (such as administrative data),
• pressure on resources of national administrations (cost of statistical operations),
• increasing concern for response burden.

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